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About Us
Sixty years ago, our Jaju (dziadziu, or grandfather) started a Polish food business with his brothers and sisters in Western Massachusetts—hand-crafting pierogi, golabki, and kielbasa for their community. Fast forward to the ‘90s and you’d find us spending our weekends cutting, stuffing, and sealing pierogi in the back kitchen alongside our elders.

Pierogi was a regular item in our freezers and on our dinner plates, something we took for granted. When we moved to Boston for school and work, pierogi became more difficult to come by and we had to wait for our mom’s deliveries from the family store. Pineapple and cheese pierogi were our favorite - not very traditional, but one of our Jaju’s specials.

Accustomed to buying mass-produced pierogi, friends and roommates started asking, “Hey, where did you get those?”, and we laughed for a while that we should start a pierogi business in Boston. Finally, in 2015, we decided to head to the family store and dust off our grandfather’s recipes. We got to work on the kitchen table, tinkering away and sampling to our friends, before beginning to sell our pierogi at farmers markets in Winter 2016. We named our business Jaju Pierogi as an ode to our family’s story and the inspiration behind our brand.

We’ve grown quite a bit since then, and are in stores across the Northeast. But you’ll still see us on the road, at events and sampling at stores, meeting both new and veteran pierogi fans and introducing them to Jaju. Not only was our grandfather a Polish work horse, he also created lasting relationships with his customers and community and loved making people smile. One of our favorite parts about our business is carrying on his legacy and sharing that same enthusiasm for both business and personal connection.
We use King Arthur Enriched Flour and our potatoes come from a rotating list of farms in Rhode Island through our distributor. All of which are low spray.

We source locally when we can. We have five core pierogi flavors that we distribute- sweet potato & caramelized onion, potato & cheese, spinach & feta, cabbage & mushroom, and jalapeno cheddar. We always try to source our onions, potatoes, and mushrooms from local vendors. Our farmers cheese is from New York (our grandfather only used the friendship brand, so that's what we use!), and our butter, cheddar cheese, and sour cream come from Cabot in Vermont, and our feta cheese comes from Narragansett Creamery in Rhode Island.

We use liquid eggs now because as we grow and produce thousands of more pierogi a day, it's becoming impossible to crack that many while still getting our production running in a timely manner! :) These are regionally sourced. Our primary sources include Pete & Gerry's Organics (NH), Hudson Egg Farm (NY), and Hillandale Egg Farm (CT).

We use simple, straightforward, and wholesome ingredients in all our pierogi. Ninety percent of other pierogi brands on the shelves currently use soybean oil, and mashed granules or dehydrated potatoes for their potatoes, and their labels include a long list of preservatives. Except for citric acid in our liquid eggs, and calcium chloride in our jalapenos, we refuse to use ingredients with preservatives. Also, our pierogi taste just like your grandmothers! Our mission is to never have a pierogi that tastes mass produced. The best compliment we receive and we know we are doing the right thing, when customers tell us that our pierogi tastes like home! That's what we want! We also boil our pierogi before freezing them so the customer just has to throw them in a pan with butter or oil and saute them up! Most pierogi brands out there make you boil your pierogi first. Our prep time is quick and easy!