Harvest Spirits Distillery
Address: 3074 U.S. 9 Valatie, NY, 12184
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Phone: 518-253-5917
About Us
Our little distillery is located at the iconic Golden Harvest Farm, established in 1957. It's a special place where the "lucky" apples go to become immortal, preserved forever in the form of our award-winning vodka, applejack, and brandy.

We established Harvest Spirits in 2007 in order to make the best use of our surplus apples, and in turn support our farming heritage and preserve agriculture in the Hudson Valley. We buy locally grown fruit from farms across New York to produce many of our products; over 600,000 lbs. of fruit per year are distilled in our 150 gallon kettle.

Today, our vibrant little distillery attracts visitors from far and wide our acclaimed spirits. Coupled with the apple picking season, thousands of people visit the farm and distillery to enjoy a classic blend of science and artistry.
Acetified, blended and bottled by our crafty team of seasoned professionals, these vinegars will never cease to amaze.

It started back in 2013 when we started making small batches of immune-boosting "fire vinegar" for our friends and family. In 2014 we started experimenting with balsamic style apple vinegar, converting several of our applejack brandy barrels to vinegar.

Today, our 6 different vinegars will add to any chef's kitchen. Using a wide variety of ingredients we work tirelessly to ensure quality and love go with each bottle.