Cascun Farm
Contact: Don Cascun
Address: St Hwy 206 Greene, NY, 13778
Email Address:
Phone: 607-875-4149
About Us
Our farm is located in the rural farming community of Greene in upstate New York. We have the privilege of owning 125 acres of rolling pasture, it is indeed picturesque. Cascun Farm is a family run business where we strive to produce only the highest quality products to feed our family and yours. We raise and process chicken, turkey and rabbits right here on our farm with no use of antibiotics or growth hormones. Our chicken feed is custom made for our farm from a local feed company to ensure that we know what our chickens are eating. It is non-medicated and there are no animal by products used and no growth hormones added. We have our own poultry processing facility on the farm where the same care is given to processing and packaging our birds as is to raising them. Every step we take is to ensure that the finished product on your table is of the highest quality. You will taste the difference!