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About Us
Hi, we’re the “Ghee Gals” – Nancy and Bev
We started using ghee in 2013 to better our health. And let us tell you, it did.

Nancy: Growing up I always loved my grandmother’s cooking-lots of heavy cream and real butter. Throughout my life I saw how the food system labeled butter as bad and the turn from real food to processed and unhealthy foods. A friend introduced me to ghee and I started making it at home. I loved being able to cook my grandmother’s recipes without feeling guilty. It was then that I thought, “Why doesn’t anyone know about this healing (delicious) butter!?!”

Bev: I was a strict vegetarian. I suffered from some health issues and sought out an Ayurvedic doctor, who recommended I add a good fat to my diet. I instantly felt better, and fell in love with the nutty, delicious taste of ghee. The rest of my ghee love story is history!

To spread the ghee and the love, we started creating it in our homes, and bringing it to friends, fairs and festivals. When jar after jar and case after case was gobbled up we knew we were onto something. So we got a bigger kitchen, learned how to hoist 55 pound blocks of butter into giant pots and Simply Ghee was born.
Call us old-school, but we don’t believe you should have to google the ingredients in your food.

We make everything from local organic ingredients whenever possible, the old school way, from scratch. Because we don’t use plastic, artificial ingredients or large steam pots to create mass quantities quickly, we aren’t the cheapest ghee on the block, but we are the best.

Taste the difference for yourself.