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Chuck’s Garlic Dill Pickle recipe is a 4th generation and over 100 years old. These pickles are refrigerator pickles so they’re always crispy and fresh.

In 1998 Chuck decided to sell his pickles at his roadside vegetable stand they could be found in a small cooler on ice. Over the last 23 years the stand has developed into a full general store and Chuck’s garlic dill pickles has been the number 1 seller. Our customers travel from all over the east to get pickles in Brant Lake, and now you can get them through Lewis Waite Farmer Network.

In 2017, Chuck was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and passed away after only 3 months.

The next season his daughters decided to keep the store open and, with the help from cousin Danny who trained under Chuck, they started producing pickles again. The first year they sold about 600 jars, 2019 They were finally able to set the goal of 1000. Then in 2020, the family had the label redesigned to incorporate a picture of Chuck- to honor what he started. That year they also started selling them in a few local family owned seasonal stores, and they finished the year at about 2300 jars. In 2021 the pickles really took off -- we just hit 4500 jars.
All cucumber and onions are locally sourced from small family farm. While not organic, all the farms are low/no spray, and all the produce is hand washed before packing. If you are able to save the jars and return them, please do so.