Kimball Brook Farm
Contact: Devoss Family
Address: 2263 Greenbush Road North Ferrisburgh, VT, 05473
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About Us
Kimball Brook Farms milks and creams are premium products kept close to the land. By staying local and organic, we bring you healthful and delicious dairy that supports your nutrition, respects the environment, and promotes the well being of our herd. Kimball Brook has been a Certified Organic farm since 2005, producing tasty and wholesome grass-grazed dairy. Our cows fertilize the land on which their feed is grown and walk to their pastures throughout the seven-month growing season, exercise that supports their well being while it contributes to the health of their milk.
The herd grazes on untouched land, which keeps our cows and their product healthfully close to nature.Our 955 acres are tended with respect, affection, and a careful eye toward conservation. We believe that stewardship of the land and care for the environment produce a product that's good for the planet, good for the herd and simply good for you.