Wrong Direction Farm
Contact: Rachel and Dave Perozzi
Address: 431 Seebers Ln Canajoharie , NY, 13317
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Phone: 518-588-2633
About Us
Wrong Direction Farm started with a desire for our family to eat food that we could be confident in. We knew that this would involve taking a different path, one that would seem unusual from the perspective of an industrialized agriculture that prioritizes production volume above all else. Instead we built our farm around a different set of principles, focusing on grass fed and pasture raised livestock farming, all done at a family scale.

Some would say we've chosen to go in the Wrong Direction, but you can judge that for yourself after tasting the food from our farm.

Thanks for your interest. You are encouraged to call or to contact us with any questions. We enjoy talking about food and farming.

We'd love to be your farmers! -- Rachel and Dave Perozzi
All our poultry are Certified Organic and raised right here on the grass pastures at our farm. We take the term "pasture raised" seriously. Our chickens and turkeys are out on pasture their whole lives, except for the few days just after hatching when they are working on growing their first set of feathers. We ensure that they are on fresh, green grass, and constantly on the move to new grass so they always have the best selection of plants and bugs to forage. We provide them with shady spots to sleep, clean water to drink, and locally sourced Certified Organic feed.

We have several videos and articles we've producer to help you know your food. Sorry this page can't directly link to those, but you can find the below and more at our own website.
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