Grazin' Acres Farm
Contact: Meghan and Nathan Mattison
Address: 49 Wolfe Ln Salem, NY, 12865
Email Address:
Phone: 518-879-8108
About Us
Grazin Acres is a small family farm dedicated to growing happy, healthy animals. Our pigs are our pets and like to be scratched and petted. The animals are cared for by Nathan and Meghan only, so there are no strangers causing the animals any stress. Our Red Wattle and Wattle-cross pigs enjoy pasture living. Their diet consists of organic grass, organic vegetables, hay and all natural grain. The pigs receive no antibiotics. Red Wattle pigs are a critical endangered heritage breed. They are best known for the fleshy wattle attached to each side of their neck. They are red and large, mature pigs weighing between six and eight hundred pounds. Wattle pigs complement Grazin Acres pasture farming practices. These pigs are known for their hardiness, active foraging and can adapt to a range of climates. Wattle produce a lean carcass and flavorful, juicy meat. Once you try our pork we know you will love it.