9 Miles East Farm
Contact: Mary and Gordon Sacks
Address: 9 miles east of Saratoga Schuylerville, NY, 12871
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About Us
9 Miles East Farm LLC is in the town of Northumberland, NY. They're (unsurprisingly) 9 miles east of Saratoga Springs in a quiet area of dairy and hay farms. The farm is a gently rolling 29 acres of clay loam soil. They've been there since 2004, and their goal is to continue to improve the soil every year. They keep a significant amount of their land in cover crops every season, plowing down the clover, rye, buckwheat, and other crops to build organic matter and biological activity in the soil. They also use cover crops between rows to host beneficial insects and protect the soil. All of the inputs they use are OMRI-certified organic, but they dont use that label themselves. They certainly respect farmers who do, but their perspective is that the O-word has lost meaning as many organic farms have become industrial in scale and distribution. Their goal is to grow very safe, very healthy vegetables and make them available directly to customers through a very short supply chain. These fresh vegetables are the basis for their prepared meals, which rotate weekly. They do buy in clean and local vegetables when they dont have what they need for a recipe, from Black River Produce.