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Address: 103 Holbritter Road Valley Falls, NY, 12185
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About Us
In our experience, animals grow better together. Though each animal carries their own set of traits, when placed in harmony, we find BALANCE and thus a representation of God’s grand design. For example, cows and sheep have different palatal preferences in forage - thankfully, because we have no desire to grow just one type of plant. When a multitude of plants grow together they are more than just a bed of mixed greens - they are individualized root systems, identity specific nutrient powerhouses, catalysts for their own particular metabolic reactions within the animal digesting them. Not only is there balance in the feed available to the animals; they are giving back to the soil, simultaneously replenishing the ecosystem by pruning the plants, creating the sought after trample effect that promotes soil health, and fertilizing the ground as they pass over it. Each species even impacts the land in their own unique way - while chickens aerate the soil and feed off of insects and larvae that may otherwise grow or reproduce in excess, pigs reclaim land by means of rooting and cutting back overgrowth. Symbiotic relationships exist everywhere in nature. If we are intentional about fostering the equilibrium that was present before man tried to prove he knew better than nature, we reap rewards of symbiotic proportions. Variety truly is the spice of life!
Rotational Grazing
In order to best provide for our animals and simultaneously build soil health, we practice rotational grazing - specifically mob grazing. This means that the animals are allotted a plot of land to graze then moved to fresh grass, up to 3 times each day. The benefits of this practice are many. The controlled exposure keeps the grass from being over-grazed, leaving a portion for photosynthesis. The livestock trample the grass in a way that lays it perfectly for building organic matter. Manure is spread evenly, fertilizing the ground. Perhaps the most exciting advantage to our animals is that they have the luxury of dining at a different place daily (often for each meal)!