Bunker Hill Creamery
Address: 167 Bunker Hill Road Cossayuna, NY, 12823
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Phone: 518-260-0323
About Us
We are snug in the hills of Washington County, NY near Lake Cossayuna. Our cows rotate through the fields around our brand new creamery. We started as a certified organic farm, but have decided the organic license wasn't paying for itself. It was a tough transition for us, but the only thing that has changed is our supplemental feed. Our cows are still on our un-sprayed pasture for as much time as we can give them, giving our milk and extra rich taste.
We low temp pasteurize and don’t take any cream from the milk, which is why we’ll never be able to compete on price. Standard HTST or UHT pasteurized milk (95% of milk on the market) is only held at a pasteurizing temp for seconds while we hold for 30 minutes. Much more energy and time consuming. Also the consumer gets all the cream in the milk where as other dairy’s separate cream off to use in fat products. Many consumers aren’t aware of that so we always point out the value in our milk.