Mushroom Men @ Mariaville Farm
Contact: Chandler family
Address: 2978 Duanesburg Church Rd Delanson, NY, 12053
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Phone: 518-810-6061
About Us
Mariaville Farm is owned and operated by the Chandler Family (Bob, Chris, John, Billy, Bobby and Allie). Mariaville Mushroom Men is the latest business addition to Mariaville Farm. Mariaville Farm was founded in 1988 and has spent the past quarter century providing the highest quality products to our customers. The farm is a small family operation which got its start in raising all natural pasture raised beef cattle. From there, they expanded their line of naturally raised products to include pork, lamb, goat, rabbit and poultry. Our latest adventure into the world of all natural products now includes gourmet mushrooms. Younger generation Bobby left life as a pharmacist to both help on his familys farm and homestead, and to develop a fresh and dried mushroom business. He currently growns Shiitake, Oyster and Lions Mane mushrooms. The mushrooms are cultivated outside on logs and totems as well as sawdust blocks inside in our new grow room. He also offers dried Mushroom Teas and seasoning shakers. Locally raised, organically managed but not certified yet, Mushroom Men focuses on the medicinal aspects of the mushrooms they grow and forage. Mushroom teas are hard to find. All mushrooms are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-tumor and auto-immune boosters. They are also packed with essential vitamins and minerals.The Mariaville Mushroom Men are constantly working hard to bring you the highest quality and freshest gourmet mushrooms you can find.