Kriemhild Dairy
Contact: Bruce Rivington
Address: 730 State Route 12B Hamilton, NY, 13346
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Phone: 315-333-2336
About Us
Kriemhild dairy offers Meadow Butter. Milk is from Grass Fed dairy cows (at least 40% grass fed), out on pasture. The butter is processed in a Certified Kosher facility, and comes both salted and unsalted. We offer 8 oz tubs, 1 lb rolls and 2 lb. tubs. We use more sweet cream so the butter has a higher fat content, typically over 85%. The higher fat content is coveted by chefs for its unique cooking properties (less water equals a fluffier, richer tasting product). The butter is made throughout the growing season while our cows are grazing on high quality pastures. Since our cows graze seasonally you'll see a range of colors from a deep golden color in the spring to a pale yellow in the fall. Meadow Butter is processed at Queensboro Dairy Farm Products, Inc. in Canastota, a Kosher certified facility thats been in existence since 1906. Some of our butter is hand-packed at this facility while a majority is hand-packed into 8oz tubs by the good folks at Madison Cortland ARC in Oneida.