North Atlantic Wild Catch
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About Us
North Altantic Wild Catch fish come from family owned boats, and are processed and packed in Wellesley, Mass. at the family owned Captain Marsdens Seafood. Youll get to know which boat caught your fish, as it is printed on every label. New Products from North Atlantic Fisherman! Our newest endeavor among all the things we do to keep good food coming to you, is Alans hunt for regional seafood. In addition to the Pacific fresh fish processed in Pennsylvania, Alan has found a source of North Atlantic fish from Gloucester and New Bedford Mass. The folks at Black River Foods in Vermont have family connections to fishing families in the Massachusetts ports and have agreed to package and freeze the fish and have that available to us to bring to you. Some examples of the fish available will be: Haddock, Cod Scrod, Pollack, Monkfish, Hake. The prices are variable daily so they will vary each delivery. Some examples of the boats that catch the fish are: Fishing Vessels Harmony and Native Son 2 from Gloucester Mass, Fishing Vessel Sea Farmer from Boston Mass, Fishing Vessels Annie Wilder and Southern Crusader from New Bedford, Mass. All the fishermen use sustainable practices, and the group is working on their certifications.