Farmer Ground Flour
Contact: Greg Mol
Address: 240 Aiken Rd Trumansburg, NY, 14866
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Phone: 518-692-3120
About Us
Farmer Ground Flour is a collaborative effort between two organic grain farms near Ithaca, NY. Since early 2009, we have been producing stone-ground flours made with organic grains grown in the Finger Lakes region. The project is one of many efforts in the Ithaca area to create a vital regional food system. We grind our flour in small batches at low temperatures so the flour remains fresh and retains as much of the original nutritive value as possible.We produce a range of flours that reflect the variety of crops which exist in a healthy organic system that rotates different crops through the fields. Our products include sifted 'half white' flour, corn meal, polenta, whole wheat pastry flour, buckwheat flour, rye flour, spelt flour, all purpose flour, and whole wheat flour. All of the grains are certified organic and non-GMO.