Teeny Tiny Spice Co.
Contact: Thora, Ed, Nick & Maddy Pomicter
Address: PO Box 353 Singers Glen , VA, 22850
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About Us
Teeny Tiny Spice Co. is a small, family run specialty food business. We create and manufacture 100% organic spice blends that represent varied world cuisines. To ensure that you have the freshest spices and herbs, our mixtures are made in small batches and ground just before packaging. Ingredients are of the finest quality. When blends include salt or sugar, we use Himalayan Pink Salt and organic Vermont Maple Sugar. All of our ingredients for each blend are listed, so you know exactly what you are getting. Our spice blends have been developed to provide home chefs with a convenient method of adding exotic flavor to their dishes. We are enthusiastic cooks. Despite our kitchens extensive spice collection, we often found while planning more exotic dishes that we did not have all of the ingredients called for. Red and pink rose petals? No. Ajwain seed? No. Juniper Berry? Well, yes. But having 9 out of 12 spices does not give the flavor that you are trying to achieve. So Teeny Tiny Spice Co. of Vermont was born to provide you all of those spices, already combined in proportions to give you just the right flavor profile to create dishes with the essential flavors of North and South, East and West. The beauty of Teeny Tiny Spice blends is how easy it is to use them in meals that you are already cooking. Turn a meal of plain chicken and rice into a Persian feast. Spice up your eggs in the morning with some Ethiopian Berber. Create a sumptuous Southeast Asian meal in no time. Wow your lunch or dinner guests with Indian Inspired barbeque. Explore our blends and enjoy the flavors. - Thora, Ed, Maddy Nick FRESH FRESH FRESH: Our spice blends have a very long shelf life. We freshly grind and then package each batch to seal in the freshness. Air and sunlight are the two main elements that affect the shelf life of spices. For this reason, we package our spices in tins that seal out both air and sunlight. We have time-tested our blends and have found that even after one year, they still have rich flavor. You would notice a slight difference between a one year old tin and a freshly ground tin if you held them next to each other, of course, as flavor and color will diminish with time. In our home, each tin provides enough spice for 4 to 12 main courses for our family. If you have not used a spice blend four or more times in six months, we figure that it is time for you to clear it out of your kitchen and try something different.