Address: 150 Dorset Street Suite 304 South Burlington, VT, 05403
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About Us
At ecobean, we believe food is medicine.

We preserve the natural enzymes and nutrients of every single ingredient we use to help support the immune system.

We strive to provide the highest quality, cleanest food and drinks to our customers.

We are committed to sourcing superior, local ingredients whenever possible.

We believe that educating our customers and supporting local farmers and food purveyors benefits the entire community, from a health and economic perspective.

In other words, we believe in you.
At ecobean cafe in South Burlington, Vermont, we constantly received customer requests to bottle our best-selling dressings. We listened! Our dressings – made with the cleanest sourced ingredients available – are now bottled and sold in select markets.

We can honestly say that every single batch of dressing+marinade we make is infused with love and gratitude for our amazing customers. Enjoy our dressings on salads, as a marinade for seafood, meat and veggies, as a dip or for barbecuing!