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purity. simplicity. certified organic.
that's what nutty life is all about. plus, it tastes the best.
we use top notch organic ingredients in our certified organic plantmilks because we care about you from the inside out! you will never, ever find fillers, additives, or junk of any kind in nutty life.
most (okay, all) of caroline’s friends and family would call her nutty…in a fun way! caroline has a major sweet tooth...and she used to not eat as healthy as she does today. in college, she would eat frozen yogurt ("fro yo") by the pint. during her junior year at boston college, she started getting severe stomach aches from eating her beloved fro yo. she assumed it was lactose intolerance and began the non-dairy journey. when the stomach aches came back after drinking store-bought almond milk, she got really curious about the connection between what she was putting in her body and how her body felt.

it turns out that both fro yo and typical nut milks have some common ingredients: gums and carrageenan. both of these additives are used in foods to thicken them & prevent separation. when used in nut milk, the companies are trying to trick your mouth into thinking their milk has more nuts than it actually does! (spoiler alert: most brands only use around 2% nuts).

what's the big deal?

gums are known to cause bowel issues (i.e. stomach aches) in lab rats. and carrageenan, the same chemical used to de-ice airplanes, is a known carcinogen, causing colon cancer and bowel inflammation in lab rats. a common misconception: carrageenan is derived from seaweed, so it must be okay for us to consume. because of the highly chemical-induced process of converting the seaweed into carrageenan, the seaweed is no longer seaweed at all. you can learn more about this additive and its harmful effects through the cornucopia institute.

after learning about what is legally allowed in our food, caroline started reading every ingredient label religiously. her philosophy: ingredients matter most.
why are your cashew milks more expensive? why do they contain more calories?
it's because we actually put cashews in our milks!

most brands of nut milk only contain 2% nuts. each bottle of nutty life cashew milk contains at least 8% nuts & up to 35% (in our cashew shakes!). our milks are full-bodied, filling, and mouth-watering good!

some brands thicken their milks with carrageenan and gums, known to cause bowel cancer and bowel issues. they’re trying to trick your mouth into thinking their milk has more nuts than it actually does!

at nutty life, we just add more cashews :)

which flavor has the least amount of sugar?
another question we get often is which flavor has the least amount of sugar. we believe in using high quality whole organic ingredients. we sweeten naturally with organic medjool dates from an adorable farm in arizona. not all sugar is created equal. if you drink a sugary juice, in which all of the heart healthy awesome fiber is removed, it's basically the same as eating a candy bar. it causes a huge spike in your blood sugar levels with a major downfall. if you eat that piece of fruit whole, then you don't have the same spike and downfall thanks to a lower glycemic index. that's why we leave all of the ingredients in nutty life whole.

that's right: nutty life uses whole oats, whole hemp seeds, whole cashews and whole dates! depending on the flavor, we blend them up with filtered water into a creamy liquid so you can easily digest all of the nutrients. order yours today! can’t have any sweetness? or just don’t want it? we also just launched unsweetened cashew milk and unsweetened oat milk!

what makes your oatmilk so special?
we decided to skip the calcium additives (eat your kale for that!!), the rapeseed oil (high in erucic acid, which is linked to toxic effects on the heart), and acidity regulators (what coffee shops look for so it froths up like milk). Instead, we’ve added hemp seeds (linked to a decrease in heart disease amongst other benefits). our oatmilk still froths up well, though you might not get that latte art perfected. to us, the ingredients and your health are more important than the art. but, if you really want that latte art and the health, our original cashewmilk was built for both!