Sidehill Farm
Contact: Dot and Ben Naylor
Address: PO Box 1558 Brattleboro, VT, 05302
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Phone: 802-254-2018
About Us
One of the first specialty food companies in Vermont, Sidehill Farm started in the 1970s when Dot and Ben Naylor resurrected old family recipes for artisanal jams and began producing them for friends and family. Their children spent many summer afternoons picking raspberries for those first jam batches. Folks appreciated the unique way Sidehill Farmmakes their jam: No pectin or artificial ingredients, just boiled-down fruit and sugar, handmade and hand-stirred, which produces a jam with more fruit and more flavor in every bite. Before long Ben and Dot began making jam full time for specialty food shops throughout Vermont.In 2000, Dot and Ben passed on their jam-stirring spoon to their son Kelt and his wife Kristina, allowing Kelt tofulfill his dream of moving back to Vermont after working in high tech manufacturing in the Boston area.Joined now by their children Caroline and Max, the Naylors have been carefully expanding Sidehills offerings with new jam flavors and a line of Vermont Maple toppings. Their product line now includes 18 jams and fruit butters, including old favorites raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry rhubarb, as well as some unexpected treats like cinnamon pear, mango habanero, four berry and hot red pepper. They're especially excited with the centerpiece of their topping line, Maple Apple Drizzle TM. A delicious combination of Vermont maple syrup and New England apples, it tastes like apple pie in a jar, and can be enjoyed with ice cream, pancakes, or all by itself.