Sugarloaf Farm
Contact: Stacy Batchchelder
Address: 71 Maple Ridge Way Fort Ann, NY, 12827
Email Address:
Phone: 518-260-8405
About Us
Sugarloaf Farm is located in Fort Ann, New York. Owned and operated by John and Stacey Batchelder, Sugarloaf Farm is a small, family run farm. We milk between 4 and 8 Holstein cows throughout the year for the sole purpose of making aged raw milk cheese. We are small batch, artisan cheese makers and only use quality ingredients in our cheese. We use natural ingredients in our flavored cheeses, and no added coloring. Our cheese is white because milk is white.Our grass fed cows live in a low stress environment and are milked for quality, not quantity. A few months after calving our cows are milked once/day. Since we do the bulk of our cheesemaking in winter months, this reduces stress on the cows and gives them more energy for keeping warm.