Wild For Salmon
Contact: Jenn and Steve Kurian
Address: 521 Montour Blvd Bloomsburg, PA, 17815
About Us
Wild for Salmon brings the finest, best quality Wild-Caught Seafood available from Alaska waters. Whether its caught on our boat, or sourced from a fellow Alaska fisherman, we fully back and guarantee all the products we offer to you.We stand with Alaska and its dedication to sustainability for precautionary resource management to protect against overfishing, habitat damage and pollution. This makes a significant difference in the quality of seafood that we are able to offer to you.It all started as a unique adventure to Alaska to spend the summer fishing for Sockeye Salmon. It turned into a life-long passion known as Wild for Salmon for husband and wife team Steve and Jenn Kurian. Each June the Kurians travel to Bristol Bay, Alaska, home to their 32 fishing vessel the Ava Jane. They make their once/year catch in a single six week season, bringing their Sockeye Salmon back to their Pennsylvania base.