Hudson Valley Fisheries
Contact: John Ng
Address: 4269 U.S. 9 Hudson, NY, 12534
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Phone: 518-249-4750
About Us
To protect wild fish for generations to come, we're leading a revolution of land based fish farming. We are the largest indoor commercial scale steelhead trout farm in North America using the highly sustainable Re-circulating Aquaculture Systems model. Our farm eliminates the risks of net-pen farming: interaction with wild fish, sea lice, algae blooms causing mass mortality events, escaped fish altering natural ecosystems or antibiotics leaking into oceans and lakes...That's why we go to such great lengths to raise our NY steelhead in the most sustainable way possible, providing the best growing conditions while virtually eliminating any negative impact on the environment and native wildlife.
At Hudson Valley Fisheries, we believe that human nutrition begins with the feed our fish eat. Working closely with our Best Aquaculture Practices certified feed supplier, we strive to ensure our fish are fed a wholesome diet [(organic but not certified because feed maker is not certified)] free of any hormones and GMO fillers. That means there is never any feather meal, antibiotics, corn, soy or GMOs in our feed. We source fish meal and fish oil from responsibly managed fisheries and us an all natural antioxidant (astaxanthin) which also gives salmon its wonderful red color.

Our fish are produced efficiently…Every pound of our steelhead is produced with only one pound of feed.
Our fish are 100% traceable, from egg to plate. We harvest the fish waste from our tanks and process that for a local hemp farm, reclaiming 99% of the water, making this a very sustainable seafood choice.