Walnut Hill Farm
Address: 3449 VT 133 Pawlet, VT, 05761
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About Us
Our farm business began on the beautiful hill that we [Rico and Jill Balzano] owned in Wells, Vermont. After five years, our business had outgrown its infrastructure and land base, and in February of 2017, we moved to a former dairy farm in nearby Pawlet, Vermont. Since our move, the pastured pork, and flower and grain growing components of our business have expanded and are thriving in their new setting. Similarly, our family is taking full advantage of this very special historic farmstead, wandering fields and barns and sampling all the fruits of past labor: asparagus, blackberries, peonies, hollyhocks.
Our mission is to farm with care for the whole system: Animals, plants, soils, humans, community, economy. The pork for our charcuterie is raised right on our farm, on pasture, adding lots of flavor to end product.